Repair your iPad!

Make your iPad splendid agagin!

We know that your iPad is your favorite gadget. When it’s broker, you’re broken too .. We can help you  recover you and your iPad by repairing it in no time!

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Across Canada, Mobilesnap offers you the best repair service. Trust us to repair your smartphone. We have a fast and efficient service to give you the best. We support the models:

  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3

Our technicians are trained and qualified to repair most phones. From LCD screens to water damage, to battery problems. We only use high quality parts in all our repairs and we offer the best service.

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They trust us

I had an urgent appointment and my phone fell, the screen went to pieces! The guys from Mobilesnap did it in no time! I was able to go to my appointment with complete peace of mind! Mobilesnap! You Rock!
George Dubois

When the battery of your phone dies, you become disconnected from the world .. Personally I do not like it! On the other hand! I really love the services of Mobilesnap! Frankly! they replaced the battery of my phone, and since then, I have no worries! Thank you Mobilesnap !!

Simon Bourgeois

If you are really looking for good quality accessories, go to these guys from Mobilesnap! you’ll have great choices at really cool prices! I bought headphones and a temper-glass for my phone for a really good price!

Hélène Duchesnes